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SC Retail Sales Index increased by 21,6 per cent in November similar with inflation…
In November, SC Retail Sales Index hasincreased by 21,6 per cent compared to the same period of last year. The risein the index was similar to inflation rate. As in the last two months thehighest square meter productivity rise was recorded in hypermarket category inNovember. The SC Retail Sales Index which has beengenerated as a joint project by AYD and Akademetre Research hasbeen announced with the latest finding covering November 2018. According to the periodically publicized data,comparing sales index to the same month of previous year and exclusiveinflation it has increased by 21,6 per cent and reached 293 points. In November,SC Retail Sales Index has recorded the highest rise in hypermarket categorywhile shoes-bags category has recorded the least rise.
Sales Index Turkey General (last update 11 January 2019)

* Sector sales index, calculated by the weighted average size of Anatolia and Istanbul GLAs

Sales Efficiency Index (last update 11 January 2019)

In November2018, the sales per SCs leasable area (sqm) have reached 1.116 TL in Turkey.Productivity occurred as 1.379 TL in Istanbul, 940 TL in Anatolia.

In November highest square meter productivity rise is in hypermarket category… (last update 11 January 2019)

*Other Category consists of shops such as; DIY, furniture, home textile, souvenir,toys, cinema, personal care and cosmetics, jewellery, hobby, petshop, tailor,shoe repair service, exchange office, dry cleaning and pharmacy.

Looking at the indexcategories the highest increase was in hypermarket category in November. InNovember 2018, index has increased by 31,3 per cent in hypermarket categoryexclusive inflation.
Comparing tot the same period of last year SC retail sales index rose by 26,5 per cent in other* areas located in the SCs category, 21,8 per cent in food category, 19,8 per cent in clothing category, 18,1 per cent in technology category and 16,5 per cent in shoes-bags category in November 2018.

Foot-fall Index (last update 11 January 2019)

Compared to November of theprevious year, no change has been recorded in foot-fall index in November 2018.

Reviewing SC Retail SalesIndex November 2018 results, AYD Chairman Mr. Hulusi Belgü said: “Thecontinuous increase in SC retail sales index under all circumstances andconditions showed once again that our sector is the carrier power. Accordingto  November results the index hasrecorded 21,6 per cent rise which is very similar to November’s inflation rate21,62 per cent. Foot-fall index hasn’t changed in November but we could say itwill rise in December with the effect of new-year shopping. After September andOctober the highest rise in November in categories was again recorded inhypermarket. This says us that basic needs are people’s priority. We could saythat rise in technology and other areas category which also includes furniture,is the positive results of tax discount campaign in white goods and furniture”. 

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