Within its 4th year AYD besides acting as the Responsible Leader and the Public Speaker of the SC Sector as stated in the mission, would proudly like to share the news about the important and big step forward for the purpose of collecting and reporting reliable information needed by the Sector.

Within ICSC’s Research studies the “Country Fact Sheet” for Turkey has been prepared based on AYD’s continuously updated Data Bank and is being published in ICSC web pages like the other countries having sectoral official data.

All ISCS Members are now able to reach the Turkish SC Sector summary information like the other countries with their own membership acces codes.
SC Investments reached about 40 billion with a total of 299 SCs in 54 cities in Turkey… (last update 21 March 2013)

750.000 m2 of GLA in 21 SC’s added up to the sector within 2012 and total GLA reached 8,3 million m2.

Total Leasable area of 8.3 million m² of 38% with 91 SC’s in Istanbul, 62% with 208 SC’s are located in Anatolia.

Cities GLA Density & SC distribution Map (last update 21 March 2013)
SC GLA (m2 / 1,000 people) (last update 21 March 2013)

The leasable area per 1000 people is 106 m2 for 299 SC’s in total of 8.3 million m2 GLA all over Turkey. 54 cities out of 81 have SC’s in Turkey.

It is expected that the rentable SC area will reach 9,4 million m2 with 25 SC estimated to be opened in 2013 and it will add 1,1 million m2 rentable area to the sector.

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